January 8, 2021

PHOTO GALLERY: COVID-19 Impact in El Centro, CA

Since Jan 1, 2021, Empowering a Billion Women has been on the ground in El Centro, California—one of the world’s hotbeds of the COVID pandemic. El Centro, like so many communities across our country, has been hit exceptionally hard by the pandemic. This has been magnified by the fact that El Centro is a border town on the California-Mexico border which compounds other economic and societal factors and exacerbates the situation.

As EBW has ingratiated ourselves into the El Centro community, we have seen how dire the situation is and how necessary it is for us to truly put our efforts forward to picking this community up—especially in regards to their social, health, and economic recovery. We wanted to give some context around these photos from our time here, although the pictures do not do justice to the totality of the devastation that this community has experienced.

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